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4 December 2017

Glasgow’s newest luxury residences to be named after city’s greatest architects

Glasgow’s unique cityscape is filled with treasures. From the magnificent City Chambers building that dominates George Square to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the history of the city can be read in brick and stone.

But the story also lies in the voids, in the gaps in the narrative where what’s not been built tells us too about shifting fortunes and fashions.

Now though one of the most significant gaps is set to be closed. Park Quadrant Residences will occupy a site that has lain vacant for almost 170 years and in creating a 21st century landmark, the developer, Ambassador Developments, has chosen to celebrate some of those giants of the architectural world who have left their mark on the city.

Each one of the 11 blocks of the new luxury residential development now underway in the elegant Park District will be named after an architect who has played a vital role in shaping Glasgow, while the penthouses will be named after their finest work.

The first architect to be honoured in this way will be Charles Wilson, whose plan for concentric rings of grand, terraced villas on top of Woodland Hill, gave the city Park Circus and Park Terrace. Lack of funds, as Glasgow’s affluent families chose to migrate to Hyndland and Dowanhill, caused his plan to falter and Park Quadrant was never finished.

Until now that is when his vision is set finally to be completed by the creation of 98 apartments, duplexes and penthouses that match the aesthetics of Wilson’s original 1851 master plan with high ceilings, large floor prints, luxurious fittings and construction materials that include natural sandstone. The first magnificent penthouse, with huge outdoor terrace and unrivalled city views that will sit on top of the Wilson block will be called The Park.

From here each section will be named in chronological order, following on with John Burnet, who built Glasgow Stock Exchange, and including James Miller, whose work included the Anchorline. Alexander ‘Greek” Thomson, William Leiper and Charles Rennie Mackintosh will all have their names commemorated too and the penthouses will include The Lighthouse (John Keppie); The Mitchell (James Sellars) and The Hampden (Archibald Leitch).

The final block will be known as Holmes for Holmes Miller, the Glasgow-based architects who have given fresh life to Wilson’s original plan and completed his vision for the Park district with the design for Park Quadrant Residences.

David Gardner, architect at Holmes Miller, said: “Glasgow is home to some of the finest works of a number of the most renowned architects of the last two centuries, and it’s very exciting to have the opportunity to develop a contemporary design for Park Quadrant sitting alongside the likes of Charles Wilson’s work amongst others.”

Gordon Coster, Director at Ambassador Developments Park Quadrant Limited, said: “This is one of the most significant sites in the city and our aim has always been to create something that honours the prestigious Park district whilst making a 21st century contribution to Glasgow’s architectural heritage.

“In naming the sections and the penthouses we wanted to celebrate Charles Wilson for giving the city one of its most cherished landmarks and we also wanted to celebrate those other architects who have left their legacy on the city.”

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The Park Quadrant Residences and the architects whose names each will bear are:

Charles Wilson (1810-1863)

Park District Masterplan, 22 Park Circus, former Trinity College

Penthouse: The Park

John Burnet (1814-1901)

Glasgow Stock Exchange, Merchants House, Woodlands Parish Church

Penthouse: The Exchange

Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson (1817-1875)

Egyptian Halls, Holmwood House, St Vincent St Church

Penthouse: The Holmwood

Robert Rowand Anderson (1834-1921)

Glasgow Central Hotel, Glasgow Central Station, Pearce Institute Govan

Penthouse: The Pearce

William Leiper (1839-1916)

Dowanhill Church, Templeton’s Carpet Factory, Banqueting Hall Glasgow City Chambers

Penthouse: The Dowanhill

James Sellars (1843-1888)

Mitchell Library, Kelvinside Academy, Frasers Buchanan Street

Penthouse: The Mitchell

James Miller (1860-1947)

Glasgow Central Station, Anchorline Building, St Enoch’s subway station

Penthouse: The Anchorline

John Keppie (1862-1945)

The Lighthouse Mitchell Lane, Glasgow Arts Club remodelling

Penthouse: The Lighthouse

Archibald Leitch (1865-1939)

Hampden Park Stadium, Ibrox Stadium, Celtic Park Stadium

Penthouse: The Hampden

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928)

Glasgow School of Art, Willow Tearooms, Scotland Street School

Penthouse: The Willow

Holmes Miller (1957-present)

Park Quadrant Residences

Penthouse: The Quadrant