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We are a privately owned, highly experienced Scottish property company that over the years has built a reputation for integrity, transparency and innovation.

The group comprises a family of consummate professionals with three distinct skillsets that fuse seamlessly to deliver excellence in all that we do.

Our expertise spans three separate, but complementary divisions, Developments, Investments and Advisory. We are committed to adding value through our entrepreneurial, forward thinking approach and our clients and partners take comfort from our successful track record.

In short, our offering is less binary than most, and more amorphous to better suit the specific needs of each situation. Our goal is to bring value added, progressive, impactful innovative thinking to all projects with a view to maximising opportunities and returns.


Our Developments division works across three areas, Living, Mixed Use, and Estates. We have wide expertise across all phases of the development process including land acquisition, planning, design, construction, and sales.

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Investment Management (AIM)

Our experienced team brings a high level of intelligence to investments allied to an innovative, proactive and professional approach.

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Ambassador Group


Over the years, on a wide range of projects, we’ve brought fresh perspectives and expertise and as a result earned the trust of our partners.

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